The Current Military Time

See what the time is in military time right now. Find military and civilian times live in your own timezone. Ideal for military professionals, medical staff and others who need to know what the military time is right now. These are the current times in the 24-hour format and next to them in 12-hr format. Start learning military time now. Bookmark us and use this in browser, there is never any charge or sign in required!

Civilian Time

Why Use Military Time?

Military time is regular time in a different format. It is also called the 24-hour clock, because each hour receives a number designation different from the rest from 1 to 24 beginning. Military time format consists of four digits, beginning with 0100 and going through 2400 hours. The first two digits represent hours, and the last two represent the minutes of the 24-hour clock. This is used for precision and accuracy across large organizations where a simplified system of time-telling is required.