Military or Army Time to Civilian Time Converter

Convert army time to civilian time with this chart. It includes the common spoken form of the time as well for easier understanding.

Military Time to Civilian Time Chart

Convert military time to civilian time and see the common, spoken name with this handy chart. Includes minutes conversions and midnight in military time.
Military TimeCivilian TimeCommon Name (Spoken)
000012:00 AMMidnight
01001:00 AM1 in the morning
06006:00 AM6 in the morning, 6 AM
101510:15 AMten fifteen in the morning, ten-fifteen AM
120012:00 PM12 noon, or noon
14002:00 PM2 in the afternoon
14342:34 PMtwo thirty-four
21009:00 PM9 at night, 9 PM
21359:35:45 PMnine thirty-five at night, PM
220010:00 PMten PM, ten at night
235911:59 PMeleven fifty-nine at night, PM

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