Military Time Converter and the 24-hour Clock

Military Time Conversion and the 24 Hour Clock

Have you ever heard the term 24-hour clock or "Military Time" used and wondered what it meant? There is a difference between the 24-hour and 12-hour clock. The former is usually referred to colloquially as Military Time. Here's a quick run-down of what you need to know about each one.

If you are like most average people, you will be utterly confused when someone asks you to meet him at 1900 hours or using other military time. What you may not know is that it is easy to read military time, you just have to learn how to convert from 24-hour time to 12-hour time, also called civilian time.

Of course, you don't have to be a member of the military to learn to read military time. Law enforcement and various hospitals use military time to tell or record time more accurately. Since it is divided into 24 hours, it makes it easier to understand the time without any ambiguity.

An easier way to understand military time is to see it as a 24-hour clock. However, the reason why most people get confused is because they are used to the overwhelmingly popular 12-hour clock which is used as a standard in most English-speaking nations of the world. Even in most English-speaking countries, the military and those in medical profession generally use the 24-hour clock in assigning tasks and documentation to prevent ambiguity. The 24-hour clock is known in the United States as the military time.

You can convert military time to standard time easily via our military time converter tool.

This tool simply replaces the 24-hour clock time to civilian tie, or a time you can more easily understand. Don't be afraid to learn more however. The only reason the 12-hour clock is easier ot understand is because you are used to it. You've been using it your entire life most likely. The more you use the 24-hour clock, the more you'll be familiar with it and the better you'll understand it.


Convert Standard Time to Military Time


Convert Military Time to Standard Time


Example: 1830

How to Read Military Time Easily

It is important to note that while the 24-hour clock and military time look alike, they are not exactly the same. For instance, you will have to refer 04:00 AM as 0400 in military time and 19:00 to as 1900. When you want to pronounce it, you have to pronounce it in military lingo like – zero four hundred hours.


Follow the guide below to easily understand how you can read military time:

  1. First, Understand the Military Clock

Military time starts at 0000 which is otherwise called the “Zero Hundred Hours”. This time will run all the way until 2359 which in standard time is: 11:59 pm.

A careful look the figure above shows that the military time does not make use of a colon to separate hours, minutes, and seconds as obtainable in standard time or 24-hour time.


  1. Understand How to Write Military Time

Writing military time is very easy. All you have to do is add one zero (0) before the hour and double zeros (00) afterward. For instance, 5am is 0500. You can continue this until you reach the two-digit numbers then you will only have to add two zeros (00) after each number. For instance, 10 am is 1000 and 11 am is 1100.


  1. Understand How to Write Military Time At Noon Downwards

Remember that military time is a lot like a 24-hour clock. This means there are no “AM” and “PM”. Time continues until the 24 hours are exhausted. What this means is that after you have 12 pm, which is 1200 in military time, you then proceed with 1300 (For 1 pm), 1400 (for 2 pm), 1500 (for 3 pm) and so on. Contrary to what many people believed, military time does not have 2400 instead, they have 0000 hours.


  1. Saying Military Time For the First Time

Now you’ve known how to read military time, the next thing you should learn is how to say it. You know, it doesn’t make any sense that you know how to write military time without knowing how to say it correctly.

Saying military time is very easy when you are saying the whole hours without adding the minutes. For instance, you can easily call 0400 as “zero four hundred hours”.

The trick is to say the first two digits as “zero” when there is a zero as the first digit and then call the following numbers as “hundred hours”. In a situation where you have 1 or 2 as the first digit, simply call the first two numbers as a pair of numbers with a tens and ones digit. Then you should say the following numbers as “hundred hours”. For instance, 1100 is called “eleven hundred hours”.

Using hours is optional, if you don’t feel like saying it, you can always leave it out.


  1. Saying Hours and Minutes in Military Time For the First Time

Saying military time is a bit tricky when you are trying to say the hours and minutes. However, it is what you can easily do.

To say it correctly, you will need to state the four-digit number as two pairs of numbers with a tens and ones digit. Take, for instance, 1435, you can easily say this as “Fourteen thirty-five hour”s.


Remember, if there are one or two zeros before the number, you have to say them. But if there are no zeros, just say the first two numbers as a set with a tens and ones digit.

For instance:

  • 0005 becomes “Zero zero zero five hours”.
  • 1533 becomes “fifteen thirty-three hours”

It is really easy to say military time in hours and minutes when you put your mind to it.


  1. Convert Military Time to Standard Time

Now that you’ve known how military time works and even how to say it, you can easily convert it to standard time even when you are woken up from a sleep.

The best way to convert military time to standard time is to subtract 1200 from any time that is greater than 1200.

For instance: 1500 – 1200 gives you 3:00 which is 3 PM. You know that it is 3 PM because any time after 1200 is PM. When you are faced with a number that is lower than 1200, this means you are working with “AM” i.e. numbers from the midnight until noon. To convert such time, just remove the two zeros (00) at the end.

For instance: 0800 becomes 8 AM and 0850 becomes 8:50 Am.



No doubt, it is very easy to tell, say or convert military time. You just have to know how it works. Hopefully, next time someone, maybe a military man asks you to meet him using a military time; you won’t have any problem understanding him.